zaterdag 8 oktober

Nita Aartsen is undoubtedly one of Indonesia’s most accomplished and entertaining Jazz Piano players. Voted AMI’s best Female Jazz Artist, Nita is a stand out regular performer at many European Festivals and has played with many of the archipelago’s best musicians, as well as performing around the world with many other acclaimed Jazz musicians.

The Aartsen Brothers, Brandon & Michael are the new music prodigies from Indonesia on Bass and Guitar. Together they have won several international music competitions and performed in several prestigious festivals.

Alexander ’crooner’ has his own charm in bringing back the old time memories of jazz crooners such as  Frank Sinatra, Nat King Coole and Tony Bennet and together with Nita Aartsen singing duets of Louis Amstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

Olaf Keus is a Dutch drummer and percussionist with a international reputation and has over 40 years of experience in the music scene. Collaborating for last 5 years with Nita Aartsen they make unique music combination in high energy and entertaining way. Body percussion is one of his unique skills that is rare to find.

The AARTSEN musical family consist of NITA on keys & vocal, ALEXANDER on vocal, BRANDON on bass & MICHAEL on guitar.

And together with Dutch drummer & percussionist, OLAF KEUS, they have been touring together in many international music events for years in many countries & continents with high energy and unique music approach.

We like to bring Indonesian experience through some folklore and modern jazz tunes. We also take you to extravagance Hollywood music and American songbook. Sit back and enjoy the ride. We take you to Indonesia and America!

Our tour starts in the Netherlands with the Indische buurt festival and the Tong Tong festival on September 3 and 4 continuing to Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Spain, France and Denmark. In the previous time this group has performed in several international music festival in both continents in Europe and Asia.

Looking forward to deliver the magical musical journey to Cultuurschip Thor